Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Reviews: Surfing for God

If you appreciated The Secrets Men Keep or Every Man's Battle, Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle runs along those same lines. What is it that causes men - even and especially Christian men - to search for and become addicted to pornography?

From chapter 1: Spurgeon's message was clear to my mind. A broken life - a life that's falling apart - and a life of intimacy with Christ were incompatible. So I set out to read my Bible until it was dog-eared and falling apart with the hidden hope that my very broken life would hold together. But then I lost my feathers and discovered that I could do longer fly.

Surfing for God talks about the author's own struggles with pornography and especially dealing with the early years of his marriage. For men who are afraid or ashamed of their sexuality and aren't sure how to deal with it, this book offers non-judgmental hope and encouragement that there is a way to move past it. There is a way to be free. There is a way to become whole again.

This book is for men who want to learn about what makes pornography so addictive and how to break free. Unlike Secrets Men Keep, this book really isn't for women and offers little advice for wives, girlfriends, or friends dealing with someone's pornography addition.

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